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Do you want to practise handwriting at home? Now you can!

posted 21 Feb 2018, 09:11 by Simon Bush

As a school we use Letter-join to teach handwriting. You can now use this at home on computer/tablet! Please follow the instructions below!!! 

Are your children using Letter-join at home? 
Your school's subscription includes FREE access to Letter-join at home for all pupils and their parents on PCs and tablets. Please log in to your Admin page to download the 'Home Instructions' PDF.

Your Admin log-in details are below (if resubscribing, your log-in details remain unchanged).

Administrator username: greenwayac 
Administrator password: hu68hd

New Subscribers
Important! Choose your school's preferred letterforms. Log in to your Letter-join Administrator page to select.

The Admin page also displays usernames and passwords for your Classroom accounts, the Home Edition and iPad/tablet access as well as next year's expiry date.

Letter-join Administrator page summary:

1) Choose letterforms: select your school's preferred letterforms.

2) Download fonts: instructions to download the Letter-join fonts.

3) Home Instructions: to give to your pupils to use Letter-join at home.

4) Android Tablet Set-up: some parents may need these instructions for home use.

5) School Tablet Set-up: for information about setting up on iPads and Android tablets.

6) Letter-join Manual: a PDF of the 40-page Letter-join user guide.

7) Handwriting Policy: download the MS Word document for editing.