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Staffing Announcements

posted 3 May 2018, 05:13 by Simon Bush

You may remember in the last newsletter we announced that Mr Pinder will sadly be leaving us in September.  He will leave us to be the headteacher at Hall Road and we wish him all the very best in his new role.


I am writing to let you know that the school has successfully recruited his replacement! From September Mr Spink will be the new Assistant Headteacher and we would like to congratulate him on his new role. He is very much looking forward to his new role and playing a major part  in providing your child with the very best education. We currently have a vacancy for a Phase 2 Leader (Year 3 and 4) and we will be recruiting this role very soon.


Also in the newsletter, you may remember that Mrs Rees has stepped down from her role as Phase 1 Leader (Year 1 and 2) to concentrate on other school based projects. She has done a great job over the years and we would like to thank her for the support she has given us. Her role as Phase Leader in September will be taken over by Mrs Cater-Minns who looks forward to the challenge when she returns from maternity leave.


Finally, Mrs Brown, our teaching assistant in Year 4 has decided to retire this half term. She will be a great loss to our excellent support staff team and we would like to wish her all the very best for the future. She will be missed. We will let you know who her replacement is in the very near future.

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